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 Listen NP On Demand is the truth!! They do not care about the money, they care about our health and helping others!! I did my package for Labs, Ekg and medical clearance and found out some things I didn't even know about and you better believe she reassured me that she can help me and did just that! Also I've troubled with hypertension for years and was actually diagnosed and no one helped me or prescribed me anything! Not even the military and I'm a veteran but Ms Dominique helped get my blood pressure down you HEAR ME, and I've never felt better about myself. I am truly grateful and although she got me my medical clearance, she still cares, still want to make sure that I'm doing good and she's still willing to help! I personally haven't purchased hemostat but you better believe I will especially with all the great reviews, I don't have not one doubt that it works better than most of the iron supplements out there. Every question or concerns I had was always answered and I just want to say THANK YOU for everything. If you guys having doubts about any of their services DONT! God bless! 

Real Customer Review

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